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Owner/Author: Andy B.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Thanks for your message and I will respond as soon as I can! Sometimes though life gets in the way of our best intentions with unexpected traffic jams due to construction on EVERY street YOU need to use; the mess you spend more time complaining and yelling about who's fault it is than cleaning it up; the lady in front of you at the grocery store who has "only ONE coupon" but can't find it in her purse even after 10 minutes of searching; the guy at the office who gets promoted over you, but in reality spends more time NOT working than anything which adds to YOUR workload; and that neighbor who always happens to be there when you finally get home while you do the pee dance and juggle groceries, who wants to have a 20 minute conversation about the length of the grass...the weather...or why the mailman was late...again! :)!

In other words, please be patient as just like you I may need a minute to compose myself, relax and laugh off the nonsense of the world before I reply; so that I don't end up BEING that "someone" who frustrates YOU as well! LOL!

In the meantime, look at life through a fun-house mirror type of perspective and just…laugh…laugh…laugh! Make YOUR day as awesome as YOU want it to be; and NEVER GIVE UP!

Soon enough you will achieve the success you work toward! Andy B. :)
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